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How to make sure you have the right sized motorcycle helmet (Part 2)

Posted By: Bailey Sammet
Post Date: 01/07/2020

We’ve already covered why measuring your head for a helmet is so important but one thing often overlooked is getting the proper head shape in your helmet. Measurements are a good guideline to follow but if you have a long oval head and you are trying to fit into something meant for a round oval, it’s just not going to fit right even if it’s your assigned measurement. 

There are 3 main head shapes you will find with helmet manufacturers. The most common in America is the Intermediate oval. 80% of helmets you’ll find for sale in America will fit this head shape. With Americans having an intermediate oval shape, most people won’t have to worry about finding a proper head shape. In different regions of the world, you’ll find different head shapes are more prominent. Take Asia for example; their most common head shape is the round oval. That is what I wear myself. Any helmet I’ve ever tried to wear in my size that isn’t a round oval will immediately give me a severe headache unless I go up a size which we usually recommend against for safety reasons. 

To find your head shape is a pretty easy ordeal. Most people who have been fitting helmets for years can almost immediately look at your head and see what dimensions you’re working with. The best way is to get measured up and just try to see what shape fits best on your head. Generally speaking, if you try on an intermediate oval in your proper size and feel sharp or uncomfortable pressures from front to back, then you may be better off with a long oval and vice versa for a round oval. 

We carry all shapes here at the store. The only brand that truly carries all head shapes will be Arai Helmets. We love working with those as each head is different regardless of shape or any of the other things that make it all unique to our fitment. There hasn’t been anyone I haven’t been able to fit into an Arai whilst remaining safe and overall comfortable after a break-in period. Some other brands will be on different head shapes as well but Arai is our go-to. Please feel free to stop into the shop and have us educate you further and check out our wide variety of helmets! 


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