Vin-Audits: Shop with Confidence at Simply Ride

Trying to find a used motorcycle, but want to make sure the title is completely clean? Thanks to VinAudit, we can do a thorough title check of every motorcycle we sell. We run a VinAudit before we take a bike in, on every bike, to make sure we’re only taking in the best of the best.

How Does Vin-Audit Work?

A VinAudit is similar to other vehicle history reports, but it checks the complete title history of the bike and identifies any problems found including:

VinAudit at Simply Street Bikes in Eden Prairie, MN

  • Salvage
  • Prior Salvage
  • Odometer Discrepancy
  • Fire Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Salt Water Damage
  • Manufacturer Buy Back (Lemon)
  • Bond Posted
  • Reissued Vin
  • Plus 50 more reporting areas!

When we run a VinAudit, we can quickly identify any major issues or discrepancies with the bike, so we can guarantee that we don’t sell any bikes that are less than the highest possible quality. We’ve seen that there are a fair amount of bikes out there that get salvaged, re-inspected, and are issued a clean Minnesota title with no salvage history!

Shop our Vehicles with Confidence

You won’t have to worry about buying a clunker when you shop with our used motorcycle dealership in Minnesota. We’re committed to selling only the best bikes possible and that starts with how we buy our vehicles. We take every step possible to ensure that we buy only top-quality vehicles with clean titles – and we pass VinAudit’s excellent protection onto every one of our customers.