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How To Prepare Your Sport Bike For a Trip

Posted By: Jacquie C
Post Date: 01/18/2020

        We all know the stigma with sport bikes is that they aren’t meant for cruising or taking trips due to that aggressive riding position and the storage being big enough to fit a small sandwich. Jacquie is here to prove that it’s possible with the right accessories and rider experience. Jacquie has been one of our more dedicated riders to come around the store and one of our biggest motorcycle campers. Even though she rides an adventure bike now, most of her trip experience is on sport and sport standard motorcycles. So, who better to show us what she used as a personal set up on her bike? 

     We are showcasing these products on my personal favorite, a 2013 Suzuki GSX-R600. One of the nicer things about this bike is that it is already set up with the double bubble windscreen from Zero Gravity. Just like with a cruiser or standard bikes riding at 70+ miles an hour will definitely tire you out much quicker than you’d expect without wind protection. Any extra wind deflection you can acquire would help immensely in being able to ride longer and not feel like a wet noodle in the neck and arms when you get to your destination.

         Now onto luggage; one of our biggest brands we carry for sport bikes is Cortech. Why you may ask? That’s because it’s much more affordable than the competition, it's rugged, the warranty is easy to take care of, and they are usually easily compatible with each other. We feature the smallest tank bag they have which is perfect for holding your phone, wallet, and insurance. There are also a few more options ranging up to 18+ liters of capacity. We also feature the saddlebags and tail bag from Cortech. What’s nice about using the products as a pair is that they lock together and add that extra sense of security on the bike with fewer mounting points to worry about.  They offer the tail bag in a few different sizes. You also get rain covers incorporated into almost every bag that they offer for your bike. Even though we used many products from them, there are hundreds of different bags from many brands we can get ahold of if you have your mindset on something in particular. I’ll let Jacquie take it away and explain the rest from here! Thanks for checking us out. 




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